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2012-09-06 10:42 pm
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2012-01-03 11:23 pm

Friending My Journal

I don't know why you'd want to, but I ask that if you're going to friend me, than please comment here. For your information:

  • What is Friendlocked:

  • Bandom Fanfiction: I am not proud of these entries, and thus I want to save myself the embarrassment  of people stumbling across this stuff without my prior consent.
  • All of my Red Sox slash fanfiction. I'm proud of these fanfics, but once again I don't want people stumbling across these fics without my prior consent.
  • My comedian fanfiction. I wrote a story about Stephen Lynch and Dane Cook. No other comment is needed about why that's F-Locked.
  • My bandom Recs.
What Isn't Friendlocked:

All of my Supernatural fanfiction is free to be read.

If this hasn't made you run away in fear, than by all means go ahead and friend me.
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2011-11-15 01:02 pm

Prize of Heaven (Castiel/Dean) R

Title: Prize Of Heaven
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Rating: R
Word Count: 7,059
Summary: Seven months after Lucifer rose and destroyed the world, Castiel wants Dean to find peace. Even if it's in Heaven.
Notes: I don't own Supernatural, but I sure wish I did. Thanks a million to [ profile] becc_j for the beta. If it wasn't for her, the whole fic would keep switching tenses. Written for [ profile] spn_reversebang and for [ profile] pinkelephant42's amazing artwork which sparked my Muses.
Warnings: This is a fluffy apocalypse fic. Because it is an apocalypse fic there is minor and major character death. There is a happy ending. Highlight below if you want spoilers:

Sam kills himself in order to save the world. Dean and Sam share a Heaven just like in Darkside of the moon. Dean is not dead.

Also inexpertly posted on AO3.

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2011-09-07 03:20 pm
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Dead Memories, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gen, R

Title: Dead Memories
Pairing: None
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,594
Summary: A high fever causes Dean to remember some unpleasant moments from his time in Hell.
Warnings: Disturbing imagery, scenes of torture. Some swearing, unbeta'd.

Written for [ profile] rainylemons plot on the [ profile] hoodie_time Feverish!Dean comment fic meme. The prompt was:
Dean has a dangerously high fever and he's hallucinating. Very nasty & dark things-I-did-in-hell-are-coming-back-to-haunt-me kind of hallucinations. He's packed in ice (or snow?), Sam or Cas or whomever keeps watch over him.

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2011-08-10 10:28 pm
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Denial, Dean, Sam, PG, Gen

Title: Denial
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,080
: Dean refuses to admit he's coming down with a cold. Sam's an expert at waiting Dean out.
Warnings: Some swearing, unbeta'd.

Written for the [ profile] hoodie_time tags challenge. I chose to fill common cold. I really wanted to do 'mental breakdown', but the fic just wasn't cooperating. And since I badly wanted to participate in this challenge, I went for the easier fill. Oh well.

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2011-07-30 02:25 pm
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2011-07-30 02:10 pm
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2011-07-30 11:29 am
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2011-07-30 10:56 am
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2011-07-28 09:11 pm
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2011-02-01 10:59 am
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Doubting You Never Worked For Me, Dean, Sam, PG-13, Gen

Title: Doubting You Never Worked For Me Me
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13 for some swearing
Word Count: 1, 476
Warnings: Some swearing, and vague spoilers for season 6.

This is written for [ profile] hoodie_time's Dean Focused Hurt/Comfort Meme (#4) and [ profile] de_nugis's prompt asking for: Dean's tied up in some monster's lair. He's hurt and his fever is rising. But of course Sam will come for him. Because that's what they do, that's what he'd do for Sam, they've got each other's backs. Except Dean's confused with fever, and he remembers Sam in the alley, letting him get vamped. He's not sure, at that deep-down unconscious level, that he's got Sam back, that he can rely on Sam.

Of course Sam comes through, and there is Sam being awesome and taking care of Dean and Dean having that relying on each other sense slot back into place right at the foundations.

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2010-10-09 11:55 am
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Flesh, BL!Spoony, Linkara, PG-13

Title: Flesh
Pairing: Black Lantern!Spoony/Linkara
Word Count: 1,052
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to the characters, nor do I know them. I mean no disrespect to either Linkara or Spoony. This is a work of fanfiction and nothing more.
Warnings: Dark fic, some blood and biting. Mild sexual situations.

This is written for Tgwtg_Kinkmeme and the prompt asking for Black Lantern Spoony/Linkara I'll take either "old school puppy" Black Lantern or "new and improved Super Evil" Black Lantern.. I'm actually really proud of this fic. I think it's one of the best things I've written in a long time.

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2010-10-09 11:35 am
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Tea, Please: Rob, Doug PG

Title: Tea, Please
Pairing: Gen Rob, Doug
Rating: PG
Word Count: 509
Author's Notes: Written for TGWTG_Kinkmeme and the prompt Doug/Rob snarky fluff, with Rob looking after Doug when he's lost his voice again. Gentle teasing about what he must be doing to keep getting sore throats would be most loved. This also works for my [ profile] hc_bingo  card and the prompt Loss of Voice. Go me!
Disclaimer: This is a fanfic and is not true. I don't know Doug or Rob, and I mean  no disrespect to them.
Warnings: Very sappy.

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2010-08-16 11:26 pm

Add To Quotes Once I Have Microsoft Word

  (Me) Misha got stuck in a tree today, and my Mom was freaking out, like Misha was going to be stuck up there forever and die of starvation. Before you ask, the branches were too close together so we couldn't reach in and grab Misha. It was hilarious.   jpspike411 11:18 pm     it's cause you've failed in your twig and stick clearing job, if you had taken one or both of them off the tree in a preemptive stick picking purge he wouldn't have gotten stuck ILTomasKalnoky 11:18 pm     LOL I love how creative you get sometimes, Joe
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2010-07-23 03:38 pm
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Bad Day, Spoony/Linkara, PG

I'm so new in the TGWTG fandom it's embarrassing. This is my first contribution, written for the prompt on TGWTG_Kinkmeme and the prompt: I would very much like some sappy hurt/comfort fic with either Linkara/Spoony, Linkara/Insano, or Cinema Snob/Film Brain, with one of them comforting the other after a bad day.

: Bad Day
Pairing: Spoony/Linkara
Rating: PG
Word Count: Exactly 692
Disclaimer: This is not true, and is in fact a work of fanfiction. I mean no disrespect to either Linkara or Spoony.
Warnings: None other than rot your teeth smoop

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2010-05-01 10:38 am
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Blame It On the Illness, Castiel/Dean PG

Title: Blame It On the Illness
Rating: PG
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Word Count: 2,704
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural in any way. I am making absolutely no profit from this fanfic.
Warnings: None
Summary: Castiel loves God's creations and everything about them; but even he thinks it's gross when Dean Winchester throws up on his shoes.

Feedback is love!

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2010-04-29 04:03 pm
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Face the Man I Am, PG-13 Gen

Title: Face the Man I am
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13 for some swearing
Word Count: 1, 609
Warnings: Ooc!Dean and mentions of eating disorder. Also mild spoilers for Supernatural's 100th episode "Point of No Return".  Title taken from Cage The Elephant's song "Back Against the Wall".

This was written for [ profile] hoodie_time's Hurt/Comfort Comment-Fic Meme (#2) and [ profile] sin_of_pride 's prompt:
Dean needs some control in his life and not eating is how he's chosen to get it; to him, food doesn't taste like anything. Sam is massively concerned, guilty it took him so long to notice and determined to help Dean somehow. Cuddling is encouraged, as is supportive!Sam.

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