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Supernatural Fics

An Empty Mind Sam/Dean(NC-17) Written for [ profile] spnkink_meme and the prompt: Pamela is hypnotizing Anna, Dean plays too close attention and goes under too. Sam notices and plants a hypnotic suggestion to always agree with him and believe that he knows what's best. First he uses this to change Dean's mind about Ruby and demon blood. Then he gets carried away. Let your imagination run wild.

One Kiss Makes It Better Sam/Dean (Hard R) Written for [ profile] spnkink_meme and the prompt Dean spanks Sam really hard and Sam has trouble sitting since his butt his way too sore. Dean kisses it better

At His Core Sam/Dean (NC-17) Written for [ profile] spnkink_meme and the prompt Sam wants a heir and he wants Dean to generate his son/daughter. I want porn and possessive!Sam, please! Makes Sam mark Dean like his with hickeys.

Are You Standing Close to the Edge? Sam/Dean (NC-17) Dean didn't need to look at his brother's face to realize Sam was beyond angry.

Not At All Easy Castiel/Dean(NC-17) Written for [ profile] spnkink_meme  and the prompt: Dean makes Cas keep a dildo inside him all the time so that whenever he wants to have sex, Cas is ready for him.

Shattered Dreams Sam/Dean (NC-17) Written for [ profile] spnkink_meme and the prompt: Dean tries and leaves his family to start a life of his own and his family will do anything to stop him.

Blackest Soul
Gen (PG-13) Written for [ profile] hoodie_time  and the prompt After the end of everything, the apocalypse has been stopped and Lucifer is defeated, Dean is at loose ends and totally unsure of himself. He doesn't know what he's going to do now. He feels useless. And most importantly he is afraid of being abandoned again.

Blame It On The Illness Castiel/Dean (PG) Castiel loves God's creations and everything about them; but even he thinks it's gross when Dean Winchester throws up on his shoes.

 Face The Man I am Gen (PG-13) Written for [ profile] hoodie_time and a prompt asking for Sam to find out Dean has an eating disorder.

Doubting You Never Worked For Me Gen (PG-13) Written for [ profile] hoodie_time  and a prompt asking for Sick!Dean doubting Sam would save him.

To Never Cope, Or Never Care J2, Katie Cassidey/Chad Michael Murray, Misha Collins/Danneel Harris, others. (R) Werewolf fic written for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang 

Denial Gen (PG) Written for [ profile] hoodie_time's tag challenge for common cold. Dean refuses to admit he's coming down with a cold. Sam's an expert at waiting Dean out.

That Guy With The Glasses Slash (Noah/Lewis AKA Spoony/Linkara)

Bad Day Noah/Lewis (PG) Written for TGWTG_Kinkmeme and a prompt asking for Linkara and/or Spoony to be comforted after having a bad day. Original prompt and response can be found here

Flesh Black Lantern!Spoony/Linkara (PG-13) Written for a prompt on TGWTG_Kinkmeme. The prompt asked for either "Old school puppy" Black Lantern, or the "New and Improved" version. Original prompt and response can be found here.

Tea, Please Rob, Doug (PG). Written for TGWTG_Kinkmeme and the prompt Rob looking after Doug after he's lost his voice again. Original prompt and response can be found here


Are You Kidding Me? Brendon/Ryan, Spencer/Jon, Pete/Patrick, Frank/Gerard (PG-13) Ryan has been watching Brendon for over a year, and he's finally ready to make his move.

A Different Kind of Hell Part One (NC-17) Part Two (PG-13) Pete/Patrick, Jon/Gerard, Brendon/Ryan The Cliche, obligatory Vampire Fic everyone must write.

Torture of the Sweetest Kind Davey/Jade (NC-17) But finally the shooting was done, and Jade was taking advantage of being alone with Davey. No witnesses were around, none of their bandmeates either, and Jade was finally able to do what he wanted to: Fuck Davey.

Torn Hearts Gerard/Mikey(INCEST) (NC-17) Gerard told Mikey he loved him seven years ago, and after seeing the revulsion on his brother's face, pretended to move on. Now Mikey has a girlfriend, and Gerard is slowly dying from the love he can't have. Is it possible that Mikey cares for his brother more than he let on? Or is it too late for Gerard? THIS IS THE ONLY CHAPTER OF THE FIC I HAVE, AND IT IS A LOST, DISCONTINUED FANFIFC. I LOST THE PREVIOUS CHAPTERS, AND CANNOT FIND THEM, SO DON'T ASK FOR MORE. 

Real Person Slash (ALL F-LOCKED)


So Strange It's Almost Funny Dane Cook/Stephen Lynch (NC-17)Stephen discovers his wife Erin is cheating on him with the mailman. He goes outside in the rain and meets up with Dane. Things happen and Stephen's life changes forever.

Red Sox 

Moving On Manny/David (PG-13) It's time for him to leave, and while Manny is sad, he knows that he'll poison not only David, but the Boston Red Sox, and he can't, in good conscious, to that to his team.

The Green Eyed Monster Manny/David, Josh/Jonathan, Curt/Pedro, Bronson/Kristen (PG-13) After the fallout in the game where Manny kissed David in front of Fenway fans, Manny and David must deal with the consequences. Josh and Jonathan try and figure out their relationship.

Playing Hardball Josh/Jonathan, Manny David, Curt/Pedro (R) 

Randomly Claimed Manny/Bronson, Curt/Pedro , Jason Varitek/David Ortiz  (Implied)Bronson/Doug (NC-17) Manny claims Bronson.

Truth or Dare Bronson/David Wells,  Curt/Pedro, Jason Varitek/David Ortiz, Kevin/Doug (R) A game of truth-or-dare leads to something more.

Bound By Impossible Means Curt/Pedro, Derek Jeter/Manny Ramirez (PG-13/R)

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Hi there. I saw your post for recs over on spnstoryfinders. And, lol, I saw the gazillion of replies you got. (Those were all amazing recs, btw. I've read most all of them and love them.)Anyway, I just wanted to say if you are ever looking for more stuff you might stop by my journal. I read fanfic like a crazy woman and then I go online and *squee* and *flail* about the good stuff. If you use my tag page you can look for topics that interest you. Oh, and as for looking for the classics, you might go back to when I started posting over a year ago. I started with older stuff. .. Anyway, just letting you know.

(btw, *anything* by thenyxie, chash, keepaofthechez (can give a link off lj for hers), fleshflutter, felisblanco, britomart_is, and lazy_daze is going to be *amazing*.)



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