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Sophia was being held in an abandoned warehouse. Jensen hadn't even known there were warehouses located so close to his apartment. The old textile warehouse loomed in front of their small group, aged and crumbling. It was too quiet; the building was located far enough away from the highway that not even the noise of a passing car disrupted the stillness. Jensen shivered and moved closer to Jared.
“Well isn't this place lovely?” Katie said sarcastically. Jared shot Katie a dark look but didn't disagree. Jensen shivered and hunched further into his winter jacket. It was only 11 in the morning, but it was still bitterly cold, and a stiff, frigid wind kept Jensen's skin feeling frozen. His hands were freezing, and he wished he'd remembered to bring gloves. He was going to have frostbite before they left.
“It's an abandoned warehouse, Katie,” Jared said sardonically, picking up the thread of conversation Jensen had long since forgotten. “What were you expecting, million dollar homes and perfectly cut and watered lawns?”
“It would be nice.” Katie grumbled. She sidestepped a puddle, her nose wrinkling in distaste as her feet still got covered in mud from the damp ground. “This place is disgusting, and no one is here anyway. Sophia and whoever took her is long gone.”
“You don't know that.” Jared argued. Katie ignored the other werewolf and continued walking.

“There's only one way we can go.” Jensen said. He motioned to where the door should be. It was conspicuously absent; only the hinges remaining. “It's not like anyone can get the drop on us.” Jared and Katie stopped so suddenly that Jensen walked right into Jared's back. He stumbled back a couple of steps. He fell silent when Jared's massive hand gripped his shoulder in warning.
“Blood.” Katie said. Jensen watched as she ran her finger through a smear on the ground right where the door should be. Her finger came up coated in red. “Still fresh…… it's Sophia's; I recognize her scent.”
Jared inhaled and closed his eyes in concentration. “I don't sense her anywhere, though.” Jensen and Katie stayed put as Jared scouted ahead. He was back in about a minute, his eyes glowing with malice.
“What did you find? Is Sophia dead?” Katie asked fearfully.
“No.” Jared snarled. Jensen shivered at the raw anger in Jared's voice. “There were more of those symbols you described carved into the wood, so we didn't smell Sophia's blood until we were nearly standing in it. There's nothing for us to do but look elsewhere.”
Katie's face fell. “Let's go then.” Jared nodded and he pulled Jensen closer to his side as they started inside. Jensen wished he could think of something to make Jared's anger fade, but nothing came to mind. This was Jared's pack, and presumably Jared's friend. Jensen would one day become a part of Jared's family, but until that day came, he was an outsider looking in, barely able to emphasize with the bond Jared shared with his people.
Jared led the way through the dark building, and his glowing eyes saw everything; alert and ready to react at the slightest hint of danger. Jensen's heart was thumping; but with Jared stalking ahead of him, Jensen instinctively knew he was safe, that the werewolf wouldn't let anything happen to him. Katie barely made a noise from her place behind Jensen; she was a dark shadow, gliding across the dusty floor, her feet making as little noise as Jared's on the aged floorboards.
Jared motioned for both Katie and Jensen to remain quiet, and they stopped before a metal door. Jared felt his body break out in a cold sweat; the air was silent and oppressive; almost as if the whole world were holding its breath in anticipation. Katie's grave demeanor, coupled with Jared's blank face, devoid of all emotion except for his burning eyes, did little to calm Jensen's fear.
Katie spoke just as Jared's fingers closed around the door handle. “This is probably a trap.” She pointed to the wall. Jared's face seemed to close down further. “There's more of those symbols we found in Liza's house.” She explained to Jensen. Her attention swung back to Jared. “You must know that whoever took Sophia is baiting you.”
Jared's teeth snapped together, and coupled with his burning eyes he looked like a portend of death. “Let this betrayer try and bait me. I am ready.” Jensen opened his mouth to say something to Jared, but he lost the words when Jared's hands grabbed him close. “Things could get ugly little one, and I want you to be safe. Should I be killed in there, I want you to promise that you'll go on living your life, no matter what.”
Jensen gasped. His hands clenched into fists that he banged onto Jared's chest. “You can't say that. I've only just found you. I can't be expected to live without you!”
Jared's mask, stone-cold and closed off and utterly foreign to Jensen, cracked. His face, for one instant, showed pain so deep and palpable that Jensen felt flayed open. Then Jared's lips crushed against Jensen's, and for one perfect moment they were one single entity, perfect and together. All too soon, Jared stepped back, and his mask was firmly in place.
“You will do this for me, Jensen. You are the most important person in the world to me, and you, along with my pack, are all that I care to protect.”
“I will ensure your mate survives, Jared.” Katie said. “I will remain with Jensen.” Jared looked at Katie and seemed to search her face. Whatever he found there was agreeable, and Jared pulled open the door and stepped into the dark room.
Jensen made to follow Jared, but strong hands grabbed his shoulders and held him in place. “So we're supposed to remain here and watch?” Jensen protested. His heart felt like it was bleeding from the mere idea of leaving Jared alone to face an unknown culprit.
“There's no reason for you to worry about Jared's safety. He is powerful, Jensen. He will not be easily defeated.” Katie said, her voice turned gleeful as she added, “If they think they have an easy fight and they've taken Jared unaware, then they are in for a world of hurt.
Jensen smiled and relaxed. “Good. I hope Jared makes them all pay.” Katie's hands relaxed on his shoulder, but she didn't let him go. If Jensen was stuck in the doorway while Jared rescued his packmate, then he would remain as close as possible. It was the least he could do for his mate.
“Can you hear anything?” Jensen asked when the silence became too oppressive. Katie tilted her head and listened. Jensen's stomach plummeted as Katie shook her head 'no'.
A loud growl had both Jensen and Katie jumping. A howl followed closely on the heels of the animal's growl. Katie shivered as more growls and howls sounded, and then there was the sound of a body slamming into the ground, and nails scratching over the wooden floor. An animal's whimper of pain, low and wounded, had Katie rushing ahead.
Jensen followed as Katie made her way into the adjoining room. Jensen knew he was ignoring Jared's wishes, but if Katie wasn't paying Jared any heed, then neither was Jensen. The wounded animal could in fact be Jared. Jensen shook the thought out of his head.
Katie shoved Jensen backwards so suddenly that Jensen lost his footing and hit the ground hard on his butt. Katie crouched defensively in front of Jensen, and he heard a low growl escape from her throat. Jensen's attention was soon captured by the two animals fighting in the middle of the room.
A large shaggy brown wolf had another wolf, this one coal gray, pinned to the floor, its throat caught in the brown wolf's bloody muzzle. Another wolf, smaller than the shaggy brown wolf, lay dead not far from the two fighting animals, its throat ripped out. Jensen knew, deep in his heart, that the shaggy wolf was Jared. The knowledge came from a soul deep level, just as he knew, deep inside himself, that Jared was in fact the only one for Jensen. He'd recognize Jared anywhere, at anytime, they were connected for all time.
Wolf Jared was thrown across the room by the gray wolf. Jared quickly recovered his footing, and with another snarl, launched himself at the advancing wolf. They collided, mid air, and rolled across the floor in a tangle of fur, teeth and claws. Jared's sharp claws scored the gray wolf's back, and it yelped, in agony.
The gray wolf bit Jared's haunches. Jared shook his body, like a dog shaking off water, and, with another violent shake of his body, flipped them around, and once again pinned the gray wolf with his massive weight. Jared's sharp teeth sank into the vulnerable hollow of the gray wolf's neck, and the wolf stilled. Only then did Jared relax his hold.
Jensen felt sucker punched. Seeing Jared, wild and unfettered, in his true form, did things to Jensen's body that he didn't understand. Jensen knew what Jared really was, what he was born to do. Seeing Jared dominate another of his kind, use his larger weight and bulk to pin another wolf beneath him? It was one of the hottest things Jensen had seen in a long time. His mate, wild and untamed, was a beautiful thing.
Katie turned and faced Jensen, her blond hair tumbling prettily around her face. She sniffed delicately, and Jensen shifted uncomfortably at the wry, amused look on her face. “I react the same way when Chad goes all feral.” She whispered conspiratorially. “It's nothing to be ashamed of.”
Jensen's face went hot, and though embarrassed, he was honest as he answered Katie. “I'm not ashamed. I think I'm finally accepting Jared for who he really is.”
Katie, though she seemed sad, her smile was wide and genuine. “Welcome to the family, then.” A very human cry of pain had both Jensen and Katie turning their attention back to Jared and the gray wolf...who was now in his human form....or rather, her human form.
All Jensen could see of her from across the room was that she was shorter than Jared and had long, brown hair. She lay, trapped, underneath Jared's massive werewolf body, defenseless, but unafraid. Even though she'd tried to kill Jared, Jensen couldn't help but think she was very brave.
“I did you the courtesy of changing back, you could do the same for me, Berserker.” She said. Jared tilted his head, considering, and he shifted back to his human self. The woman seemed even tinier than before, with Jared, lean and muscled, draped over her body. His mouth was still clamped against her neck, and he drew back with obvious reluctance. Jensen saw blood was still smeared over and around his mouth.
“Who are you?” The woman asked.
Jared laughed, short and humorless “I would ask you the same.”
The woman remained stubbornly silent until one of Jared's hands drifted to her neck and tightened briefly in warning, did she relent. “Danneel Harris.”
Jared drew back until he was kneeling over her prone body. Danneel didn't move. She seemed to realize escape was impossible; Jared was poised and ready to restrain her if she so much as moved a finger. Jensen could see how tense Jared was; could hear Jared's heavy breaths. He was primed and ready for a fight.
It was both frightening and hot as hell. The mixed signals his body was sending him was leaving Jensen hot and bothered, but scared too. He felt like he wanted to run from Jared, but also spread his legs for the werewolf, and offer himself as a willing sacrifice. He wanted to be Jared's submissive bitch where Danneel was.
 Katie whispered to Jensen while Jared and Danneel were engaged in a silent staring contest. “Jared is a Bersker, he uses both his rage and his bloodlust to carry him through battles but these elements cloud his mind until he can think of nothing but killing. It is your duty as Jared's mate, to help Jared return to his human side. Once you are turned, you will follow Jared into battle, and continue to aid Jared for as long as you both live. It as a sacred duty.”
“Will he kill Danneel?” Jensen asked.
Katie shrugged her shoulders. “As long as Danneel does not try to escape, or act aggressively she should walk out of here alive. Unless, of course, Jared deems her a threat to our pack. As of right now, we do not know her involvement in Sophia's kidnapping. She could be innocent, simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
Jensen and Katie stopped speaking at the sound of Jared's voice.“I am called Jared Padalecki. Why did you attack me?” Jared asked, his voice like roughened gravel.
Danneel's voice was low and mocking. “Why did you attack me?”
Jared growled, low and dangerous, and Jensen saw her body stiffen. Jared laughed again. “I smell your fear, female. You are trying to be brave, but you are shaking inside. If you have any hope of leaving here alive, then you would benefit from answering my questions.”
Danneel hissed. “You need me to find your packmate.”
Jared shrugged, a curiously elegant movement. “I have your scent memorized; I can follow you back from where you came. I do not need you. I am simply asking you so that I can gather as much information as possible.”
Danneel reeled back as if she'd been slapped. She weighed her options for a long moment before she began to speak. “I was asked to kill you and your mate by a Mage named Mark Pelligrino.” Jared growled, low and threatening, and his hands fisted about Danneel's throat. Danneel's eyes fixed on Jared's face, and her voice was low and breathy with fear. “I don't want to work for him! He's very powerful; he killed a werewolf that was working for him because she supposedly betrayed him. I don't want to die. He's also holding my mate hostage, and I would do anything, anything at all, to keep my mate alive. Please! You have to believe me!” Tears ran down Danneel's face.
“Where is he holding your mate? And just what pack do you belong to?” Jared asked.
Danneel said, “I do not belong to a pack. I was found, abandoned, on an old woman's doorstep, and I was raised by her. I do not know who my parents are, nor if they were affiliated by any pack. My mate is Misha Collins; we've been together for twelve years, and he left his pack not long before he met me. As for your other question, there is a cave not too far from here, that's where Misha is. He also has Sophia and another man there as well.”
Katie gasped. “Is that wolf's name Chad? Is he safe and alive?”
Danneel started at Katie's words. “Yes, I believe so.” Katie collapsed to the ground, sobbing. Jensen wrapped his arm around her shoulders, and Katie buried her face in his shoulder. Her muffled cry of “Chad” had Jensen clutching Katie closer. God, after all this time, Chad was near, and he was safe, and alive. Thank God.

A thought seemed to occur to Jared. “What was the name of the woman the Mage killed?”

Danneel thought for a moment. “Alexis.”

Katie paled and sank further against Jensen's shoulder. “So she's dead then.”

Danneel's face showed her remorse. “If Mark is to be believed, Alexis was planning on double-crossing him, and alerting your pack to the Mage's actions. If that is true, than I mourn her death. She could have saved your pack much grief.”
“So then Liza must have been killed by the Mage too,” Katie whispered. “Maybe Alexis told Liza everything. Or,” Katie's face darkened, “She may have known nothing, and Mark killed her for no reason. Poor Liza. Poor Alexis. They did not deserve death at this madman's hands.” She buried her face in her hands, and sobbed bitterly. Jensen patted Katie's shoulder, before Jared's voice drew his attention back to the Berserker.
“What does this Mark want? Why did he take these werewolves? He is insane to even be challenging my pack.”
Danneel bit her lip and struggled to stop crying. Her hands clenched convulsively from where they lay on the ground, at her sides. “He kidnaps werewolves that are far outside of the protection of their pack, and keeps them tied up and sedated in the cave, and alive until he kills them in a ritual of some sort. His ultimate plan is to kill as many werewolves as possible.”
“He must know he's going to be found and stopped.” Jared said.
Danneel continued. “He's insane. He wants the mated pair to suffer before he kills the werewolves he has sedated. I don't know why he hasn't killed them yet, but I'm going to use what time I have to save Misha.”
“But why?” Katie asked, her voice thick with tears. “If they're going to be killed, why do this?”
Danneel scoffed. “I don't know and I really don't care. Mark has my mate, and Misha's life is all that matters. I was told to kill you and your mate Jared, or mine would die. So that's what I came to do.”
“You don't have to do that, though!” Jensen said. “We can work together!”
“Shut up, Jensen,” Jared snapped.
“Your mate has a point, Berserker,” Danneel interjected; “If we work together, we can bring down Mark, and save not only my mate, but your pack mates as well.”
“But won't Mark know that you failed to kill me?” Jared asked, skeptically.
“I am to check in with Mark in an hours time.” Danneel said. “You and your friends simply need to come with me, and we can take Mark down easily enough.”
“And how do I know you will not betray us?” Jared asked.
“I want Misha back. I would do nothing to endanger his life.”
Jared's hand tightened around Danneel's throat, and his voice was like silk, even as he threatened her. “One wrong move and I will tear your head off. I promise the same will happen to your mate, once my two packmates are safe.”
A tear slid down Dannel's cheek, but her voice remained steady. “I swear on Misha's life, I will not betray you.” Hearing her words, Jared got to his feet gracefully. He ignored Danneel as she stood. He motioned Jensen over to his side. Though weary, Jensen made his way over to his mate. He shivered as Jared's unnaturally warm body pressed against his. Jared's cock, thick and hard, nudged insistently against Jensen's thigh.
“Katie and Danneel. It would be in your best interest to leave.” Jared said gruffly. Katie nodded, and motioned for Danneel to follow her out of the room. Katie paused when Jared said her name. “Keep your eyes on Danneel, and stay alert. I believe she is sincere in her desire to save Misha, but one can never be too careful.” Katie nodded and left, Danneel in tow.
“Aren't you worried Katie and Danneel will go off on their own to save Chad, Sophia and Misha?”
Jared snorted. “They need my strength. If this Mark was so easy to dispose of, Danneel would have done so already.” Jared cupped Jensen's cheek, even as his other hand wandered to caress Jensen's cock through his jeans. Jensen's breath stuttered and he couldn't stop his body from arching forward into the touch.
“Enough talk about the two women. I would rather concentrate on you. The rage and bloodlust are receding, Jensen. You're calling me back to myself. Say you're mine. I need you so badly.” Jared nibbled Jensen's neck and Jensen's head tilted back, utterly submissive in his surrender.
“I'm yours Jared …… only yours.” Jensen panted. “I've never been interested in a guy before. I always wanted women. This is so strange. I want you though Jared, always you, only you.” Jensen whispered. It was easy to confess this to Jared, with his eyes closed and the werewolf nibbling on his neck.
“Our souls call to each other. You know you're mine, just the same as I know I'm yours. We'll be together for the rest of our lives.” Jared said. His hand kneaded Jensen's cock relentlessly. Jensen's body felt like it was on fire, and Jared's body took him to new heights. Jensen's hands shook even as they slithered down Jared's body.
He fumbled Jared's zipper twice before he was finally able to undo his jeans. Jensen exhaled shakily even as his hand wrapped around warm flesh. Jared's body tensed, and then he was growling, and his teeth sank into Jensen's neck. Jensen gasped, his body going taut as a bowstring, and he was coming so hard, just from the feel of Jared's teeth sinking deep, that his vision whited out.
Jared pulled away while Jensen was still too dazed to react. His hands quickly undid Jensen's pants, and Jensen was shoved back against the wall, face first, before he could react. Jared's panting breaths were loud in Jensen's ear.

“Suck my fingers, Jensen. Get them wet.” Jared said, voice thick with lust. Jensen moaned even as he complied. He sucked three of Jared's fingers into his mouth, got them wet with saliva. Jared's fingers thrust shallowly into Jensen's mouth, even as Jared continued to suck and lick at the bite mark on Jensen's throat. Jensen moaned his disappointment when Jared pulled his fingers free.
A finger pressed against Jensen's opening, and Jensen's body tightened against the intrusion. Jared's other hand snaked down Jensen's body, and stroked Jensen's cock. The delicious friction against his cock had Jensen relaxing, and soon a second finger joined the first. Jensen shifted uncomfortably, not liking Jared's fingers in his ass. Just as Jared pressed his third finger in, the first two nudged against something inside Jensen's body that had him jolting as if he'd been electrocuted; his cock twitched in Jared's hand.
“There you go, little one,” Jared said soothingly. “I found it.” Jensen gasped as Jared withdrew his fingers. He heard Jared spit into his hand, and then there was burning pain as Jared nudged the head of his cock into his opening.
“Shh. It'll feel amazing soon.” Jared whispered. His teeth went back to worrying Jensen's neck, and his hand stroked Jensen's cock insistently. The dual sensations helped Jensen relaxed, though he felt each inch as Jared pressed inside him.
Jensen breathed harshly as Jared stilled inside him. His ass felt like it had been torn by Jared's cock. It hurt. After a minute, Jensen nodded hesitantly and gave Jared his permission to begin moving. Jared started moving, each drag and pull of his cock making Jensen wince. Just when Jensen was ready to call it quits and ask Jared to get off him, Jared pushed in just right, and his cock dragged against that tiny bundle of nerves that made Jensen's body sing.
“God Jared!” Jensen gasped.
“You feel amazing, Jensen, so hot and clinging. I can barely stand it! Fuck!”
“Yes, Jared, yes!” Jensen wasn't all that talkative during sex, but Jared felt amazing. Words were pouring from his mouth, praising Jared, urging him on, begging him to never stop.
The feel of Jared's cock inside his body was magnificent. He was on the cusp of orgasm again, just from Jared's cock in his body and Jared's hand on his cock. He never would have thought gay sex would do it for him, but it was so hot he couldn't take it. Jared's hand squeezed the head of his cock, and that was it, Jensen was done. He came all over Jared's hand. His knees collapsed from the force of his orgasm, and he collapsed back against Jared, boneless and sated.
Jared pressed Jensen's body closer to his, and Jensen felt Jared's cock twitch inside his body even as wet heat seared his insides. Jared panted against Jensen's neck for a long moment, before he reluctantly pulled his cock free from Jensen's body. Jared did both of their pants up one handed, and then eased them to the ground. Jensen rested his head on Jared's shoulder. He was exhausted. His body felt like it'd been run through a ringer. Jared nuzzled his neck, content.
“I never thought I'd enjoy that as much as I did.” Jensen admitted.
“I did all I could to make you enjoy it.” Jared said smugly.
Jensen sighed at the reemergence of Jared's ego. “I did.”
“Next time,” Jared said wickedly, “I'm going to spend more time loosening you up. With both my tongue and my fingers.” He licked Jensen's ear for emphasis. Jensen shivered and his cock twitched, though after two orgasms in such short succession, there was no chance he'd get hard again. Jared nibbled his earlobe before slowly releasing it with another swipe of his tongue.
“We should get going.” Jensen said reluctantly after another couple of minutes passed. Jared tensing had Jensen drawing back, suddenly apprehensive. “What is it? What's wrong?”
“I wish to ask you something.” Jared said. He looked weary. Jensen's heart started thumping.
Jensen had to swallow twice before he could speak. “What is it?”
Jared pulled Jensen close and his arms wrapped around Jensen's stomach like steel bands. “I wish to start the process to turn you before we leave to save our packmates.”
“What?!” Jensen cried, sure he'd heard Jared wrong.
“Please, Jensen, this is for your own protection. What we're about to do is dangerous. Mark is a Mage, and a powerful one too, if he's been able to trap three werewolves. Werewolves are strong, proud creatures, and would never lower him or herself to work for a human dabbling in magick. Daneel must be too weak to kill him on her own.”
His mouth was dry like the desert when he said, “We went to the warehouse and you never once mentioned changing me.”
“At the time I believed we were going against a rogue werewolf, and I was right about that. I never once believed you were a target until Danneel said you were to be killed as well. This is different, we are going straight to the hideout of the man who wishes you dead. Mark could kill you easily as a human. If you were in the process of changing, a life-threatening wound, for a human, wouldn't kill you. You'd heal once you were fully changed.”
“I'm not ready yet.” Jensen protested. “I knew that you wanted to go back to your pack, and that I was supposed to come, but I thought I had more time. I thought you'd give me more time to wrap things up. Katie told me that the reason she left with Chad was because it was too dangerous to be around humans right after the change.”
“I know, and I'm sorry ...” Jared said.
“You can't ask this of me too! I already made the deal with you. I gave up my future to protect Katie! I took the bonding mark without any complaints, I took the physical bond too! I even had sex with you twice! And now you're changing me too! Fuck you!”
“Jensen...” Jared's voice broke.
“I love you. Hardly any time passed, but I already love you. I don't know if it's because our souls and bodies seem to know each other, or if it's because we're mates, but I love you. I'd do anything for you.” Jensen's eyes stung with tears, and Jared's arms tightened around him. “It's not fair that I'd do even this for you.” Jensen started sobbing. Jared rocked him like a child.
“I love you too, Jensen,” Jensen shuddered. “And I'm sorry that I've been such an asshole, that I'd ask you to do this so soon but I need to protect you, and that's why I'm asking you to do this. If it'll ensure your safety and continued survival, I'll risk you hating me in order to keep you safe. I'll spend forever making it up to you.” Jared turned Jensen's face towards his, and their lips touched in a chaste kiss.
“I wish I could hate you for this.” Jensen whispered against Jared's lips. “It'd be so much easier if I could. You're taking everything from me way too soon.” Jensen drew back and took a deep, calming breath. “What do I need to do?”

Jared pushed Jensen off his lap and motioned for Jensen to lay on his stomach. “Lay down and relax. I'm going to change into my wolf form and bite your neck. Once I bite you, you're going to feel hot and feverish. You may also feel dizzy and weak. Giving you the bite while in wolf form will also complete the mental bond between us. The change will take anywhere from one to five hours before it takes affect. I will monitor your body the whole time. Once I feel the change begin I will knock you out, and your body will complete the transformation while you're unconscious. I want you to go through the actual change while asleep because if you're awake the actual transformation could be so painful that it could cause heart failure. If you're sleeping the pain won't reach you.”
Jensen nodded and did his best to relax against the floor. “Just do it.” Warm hands caressed his cheek lovingly, and Jared pressed a kiss against the back of his neck. “I really am sorry.” He whispered.
“I know.” Jensen said. “But I know you'll make it up to me.” Jensen heard Jared grunt, and then fur brushed against his skin. Jared licked the back of his neck, and nosed his skin. “Just do it.” Jensen said, before he lost his nerve.
Pain such as he never felt radiated from the back of his neck as Jared's teeth sank into the vulnerable skin at the back of his neck. Blood dripped warm and wet down his neck, and his vision started to gray out from the intensity of the pain. His pulse thundered in his ears, even his neck throbbed. Agony raced down his spine as Jared's teeth tore the wound open further as he pulled his teeth away. Jensen floated on a sea of agony.
Strong arms pulled him up, and he wobbled on his feet, dizzy and sick. He watched through bleary eyes as Jared licked the blood from his neck. Jared pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, and then tugged Jensen after him as he made his way out of the room.
A thought suddenly came to mind concerning the mental bond they'd just formed. “Can we talk mentally now?” Jensen slurred.
“Not yet.” Jared said. “I can sense your emotions right now, but that's it. After you're fully changed we'll be able to speak telepathically.” Jared whistled. “The wound on the back of your neck is already closed, and so is the one I made while we were having sex. I'm impressed with how quickly your body is accepting the change, it shouldn't be too much longer.”
“Lucky me. That bite hurt more than the claiming bite.” Jensen said. He swayed drunkenly on Jared's arm. Katie and Danneel came into view, and both werewolves eyes widened once they caught sight of Jensen and Jared.
“I'm sorry Katie.” Jared said before she could say anything. “I shouldn't have doubted you. I'm sorry I believed you capable of killing Chad.”
Katie blinked, she seemed too stunned to speak at first. “Finally,” she managed to whisper: “It's all right. I forgive you.” Her eyes caught sight of Jensen, and her face darkened. “You turned him?” Katie asked accusingly.
Jared glared at Katie, all contriteness gone. “I already went over this with Jensen. This is for Jensen's protection. We're going to a dangerous place.”
“You could leave Jensen behind.” Danneel said reasonably.
Jared growled and Danneel backed away with her hands raised in a show of surrender. “I know what is best for my mate, I will not leave him alone and vulnerable. Katie is coming with us, because her mate Chad is being held by Mark too. You wish to come too, since Misha is held there as well. Mark could very well have someone else working for him that Danneel is not aware of, and he or she could target Jensen while we are gone. I would rather have Jensen by my side than alone where anything could happen.”
“I'm sorry I said anything.” Danneel grumbled.
“Jared's just grumpy.” Katie said soothingly. “And besides. Just think of what Jared is going to have to do for Jensen to make it up to him.”
Danneel grinned wickedly. “So very true.”
Jensen nodded and wobbled on unsteady legs. Jared glanced at him, worried, and kissed Jensen's cheek. “I have a long list. The bite hurt and I went reparations.” Jensen slurred.
Jared sighed as the two woman laughed and brushed a lock of sweaty hair off Jensen's forehead. Jensen glared. “A long list Jared.”
“Yes, Jensen, I know.” Jared said.
“Good.” Jensen grumbled, as long as Jared was on the same page as him. Jared owed him big time for giving up everything in order to join his pack and become the same supernatural creature as him. Jared was worth all the sacrifices he'd made, though. It just hurt that life as he knew it was over. He'd gained Jared, and the love the werewolf had for him, and a whole new family. That was worth all the sacrifices he'd made.
His mind relatively at peace, he followed the werewolves out of the warehouse.

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