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“So where's your shadow?” Katie said, snidely.
“In the shower.” Jensen mumbled around a bite of bagel. He'd wandered into his kitchen seven minutes later, after he'd finished silently freaking out and Katie had handed him a bagel. She'd apparently ran to the supermarket close to Jensen's apartment after she'd finished arguing with Jared. Though Jensen offered, she'd refused to take any money from Jensen.
Katie huffed. “I see that you ignored my advice and went ahead and mated with Jared. Nice claiming mark, though, Jensen.”
Jensen flushed and stared intently at his food. He ignored Katie's intense stare until she focused on her own food. They ate in companionable silence for awhile, until Jensen's bagel was gone, and he felt compelled to speak.
“It just happened, Katie, I didn't mean that with him.” Jensen's face once again heated, he'd blushed more in the last half hour than he had in the past two years. Jensen silently cursed his fair skin. It was frustrating.
Katie's face showed nothing but sympathy. “I know from my own pack that despite what our head may think, our hearts and instinct take the front seat in these matters. You and Jared will figure everything out.” Her eyes became steely. “You have no choice. You're his forever.”
Jensen's heart thundered, and his palms became sweaty. The fork he was absently twirling in his hand slid out of his hand and across the table. Katie's smile was brittle and fake. Jensen remembered once again, why he was so afraid of werewolves and Katie in general. She was scary as fuck.
He nearly jumped out of his seat when Jared's voice sounded behind his shoulder. “Katie, there's no need to frighten Jensen.”
“Maybe so,” Katie said scornfully, “But I still feel the need to remind Jensen just who he's gotten involved with, since you're so determined to put on a good face and hide your true nature.”
Jared ran a gentle hand through Jensen's hair and clasped his shoulder. Jensen could feel the temperature drop a few degrees as the two werewolves eyed each other across the kitchen table. The hair on the back of Jensen's neck rose and a bead of sweat ran down his forehead. He was in the middle of a stare-down between two dangerous supernatural creatures; Jensen knew, instinctively, that Jared and Katie were fighting for dominance right in front of his eyes.
“It's as you yourself told me last night, Katie; I need to remember that my mate is human and different rules apply, and I need to handle Jensen with care.” Katie blinked at Jared's words. She inhaled sharply, and the tense thickness in the air seemed to recede. Jared's hand that had been digging into Jensen's shoulder relaxed. Katie bowed her head in a show of submission. Jensen flushed as Jared’s lips brushed across his forehead.
“Go and take a shower now, Jensen, I need to speak with Katie.” Jensen froze at the thought of not only leaving Katie alone with the man who'd been sent to kill her, but also because Jared thought he could order him around. Just because they'd mated, didn't give Jared the right to give him orders.
Jared laughed, almost as if he'd read Jensen's mind and could see his indignation. “I gave you my word that I wouldn't touch Katie until she'd proven her innocence...or not.” Jared was once again running his fingers through Jensen's hair. It was quickly becoming one of Jensen's favorite things. He practically melted back against Jared's strength and warmth. “I actually want you to go and take a shower because I need to discuss the phone call I got, with Katie. It's not something I wish for you to hear.”
Jensen got to his feet and searched Jared's eyes. They were open and sincere and vaguely pleading. Katie's were the same, Jensen found, after he'd looked at her too. He nodded, and reluctantly left the room to go and do as Jared had asked.
Fifteen minutes later, after showering and dressing, and one call to his job asking for some time off, he met Jared outside the bathroom door. The werewolf radiated impatience and he nearly dragged Jensen back into the kitchen. Katie handed Jensen his winter coat and pulled Jensen outside into the hallway. After locking the door with his keys Jared put the keys back in his pant pocket and they were on their way.
“I wouldn't have thought,” Jensen said as he buckled his seatbelt and settled back against the comfortable seat. “That you'd want me here, aren't I a liability?”
“I was going to leave you behind, but with Katie coming too I didn't want to leave you unprotected and alone. I couldn't leave Katie behind in case she fled. It seems as if I have no choice but to bring both of you along with me.” Jensen glared at his mate, but the big werewolf ignored him.
“You can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that, right?” Jensen muttered.
Jared hummed absently as he maneuvered Jensen's car into the early morning traffic. Jensen gave the werewolf directions to the nearest gas station with an available ATM. Jared was out of the car and inside the station before Jensen could hand Jared his debit card.
Katie placed a restraining hand on Jensen's shoulder. “Jared's your mate now, Jensen, and he's going to be covering expenses until he takes you away from here. It's his honor at stake and right as your alpha, to care for you.”
“Alpha?!” Jensen spluttered, furious and embarrassed. Jared was alpha...the big man on top. Jensen flushed at the images that thought brought to the forefront of his mind. It was also mortifying to realize Katie knew of their sexual status, and who was the dominant one during sex, and who wasn't.
“He is an alpha in our pack and he keeps his status even now that you're together.” Katie said soothingly. “That doesn't only apply to the bedroom, Jensen; it's what Jared's been known for his whole life in our pack. It's something he was born into.” Jensen grunted, placated. “You and Jared do need to discuss what is going to happen once I've cleared my name. I do not think Jared is going to want to leave the pack, and I know that you've got a job here. Perhaps you could join our pack leader's law firm? Would you be opposed to leaving New York City?”
Jensen shrugged his shoulders even he didn't know what he wanted to do. Katie was right, though; he and Jared had a lot they needed to discuss. Jensen also knew he had a lot to get used to. It was strange having someone looking after him now. Strange but something Jensen thought he could get used to, if given more time.
“I'm not all that thrilled with my job, so I don't think it would take much to convince me to leave with Jared.”
Katie smiled brightly. “I understand, Jensen. I can't wait to have Chad back; I miss him so much. He'll be so happy to see you.” Katie smiled at Jensen in the rearview mirror. “Jared's coming back. Let's drop this subject for now.”
Jensen was fine with that. As of right now, even going with Katie and Jared to deliver justice to a werewolf that had betrayed the pack Jensen was only partially a part of, Jensen found he was content.
It was nice to belong somewhere again.

Part Five
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