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Title: Flesh
Pairing: Black Lantern!Spoony/Linkara
Word Count: 1,052
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to the characters, nor do I know them. I mean no disrespect to either Linkara or Spoony. This is a work of fanfiction and nothing more.
Warnings: Dark fic, some blood and biting. Mild sexual situations.

This is written for Tgwtg_Kinkmeme and the prompt asking for Black Lantern Spoony/Linkara I'll take either "old school puppy" Black Lantern or "new and improved Super Evil" Black Lantern.. I'm actually really proud of this fic. I think it's one of the best things I've written in a long time.

Linkara couldn't escape. His best friend wouldn't stop chasing him, wouldn't stop hunting him, and there was no way out. No where to run. Linkara would kill for a Phoenix Down, would give anything to find a way to take the Black Lantern ring off, but there was nothing he could do. Spoony had taken his magic gun and it was in the back pocket of his pants, with no way for Linkara to get his hands on it. Pollo was disabled in his room, and though Linkara tried, he couldn't get his robot working.

Linkara cringed when Spoony's slow, shuffling footsteps reached his ears. Each step, so slow and deliberate, sent chills down Linkara's spine. Spoony was toying with him, Linkara knew; his best friend wanted him to know he was coming; that there was no escape.

And when Spoony caught him...

Another shiver ran down Linkara's body. Linkara jumped up from behind the couch and pushed Spoony, tripping the man, who went down and cracked his elbow onto the side of the table. Spoony growled, and the outright hatred chilled Linakra's blood.

Linkara didn't look back as he rushed upstairs, Spoony's howling loud in his ears. Linkara's heart raced as he dashed into his room and wedged himself into the corner of his bed, the wall hard and unyielding at his back.

It was a couple of minutes later, as Linkara panted on the floor and the sound of Spoony stomping up the stairs rang in his ears, that Linkara realized something so obvious that he couldn't believe it hadn't occurred to him sooner.

He'd just trapped himself in the corner of his room, with no hope of escape. Linkara didn't have time to leave his room and find another hiding spot before Spoony found him. Oh God, he was so screwed, it wasn't even funny.

And than his door crashed open, splintering as the wood hit the wall from the force of Spoony's kick. Spoony panted as he stood stock still in the center of the room, his eyes slowly circling the room as he searched for the comic reviewer. It only took seconds for Spoony to find Linkara, his laugh both mocking and triumphant.

He was by Linkara's side in an instant, and he roughly pulled the younger man to his feet. Linkara's shoulders ached from his cramped hiding spot, pathetic as it may be, and the way he'd contorted his body to fit against the wall.

Spoony's breaths were hot and warm against Linkara's face, and his eyes, dark and insane, were chilling to look at. His friend was well and truly dead; there was nothing of Spoony left behind upon his death and resurrection as the Black Lantern; the body was nothing but an empty shell housing evil.

It hurt to see his friend like this and know there's nothing he could do to help. Spoony pulled Linkara closer, his eyes burning with hellfire. His fingers dug into Linkara's skin hard enough to bruise. His manic grin sent fissions of fear through Linkara's blood.

“I finally found you, Linkara,” Spoony said, his voice flat and emotionless. It still scared Linkara, and the reviewer found himself squirming, trying and failing to free himself from the evil version of his friend.

“You will stay still!” Spoony growled. Linkara ignored him, and the Black Lantern bared his teeth as he dragged Linkara across the room. In one blink of the eye and the next, Spoony had the comic reviewer shoved against the wall, his feet pinned by the older man's legs, and both hands held firmly in Spoony's left hand.

"Let me go!” Linkara snarled. Spoony laughed and backhanded Linkara hard enough to split his lip. The force of the slap stunned Linkara enough that he was unable to react when the Black Lantern leaned towards him.

“This one has wanted you for awhile,” Spoony said, in that same frighteningly expressionless voice. His eyes were glued to the trickle of blood sliding down Linkara's chin from his split lip. The intense stare did nothing to dissipate his fear and anxiety.

“What are you talking about?” Linkara asked, deliberately obtuse. He had an idea of what the shell of his best friend was hinting at. Spoony himself had dropped hints that he desired Linkara, though he hadn't come right out and said it. In fact, the last time Linkara had seen Spoony, Spoony had leaned closer, his eyes trained on Linkara's lips as if he wanted to kiss Linkara, and his breath had just ghosted across Linkara's mouth when 90s Kid barged into the room yelling “DUUUUUUUDEEEE!” and ruined the moment.

And now, Spoony was at his house again. Dead again. And his eyes were once again focused on Linkara's lips, but this time, he wanted Linkara dead. He wanted Linkara's blood. And he wasn't above using Linkara's desires against him, just so Spoony could get what he wanted.

Spoony smiled, but there was no warmth in the facial expression. “He desired your body. I on the other hand, desire both your blood and flesh. I always get what I want.”

Linkara moaned as ice cold lips pressed against his, and the game reviewers teeth dug painfully into the cut on his lip. Sharp teeth gnawed at the cut and sucked hard, until the blood flowed stronger. Spoony moaned and suckled the blood. He pulled away from the kiss suddenly, his bottom lip shiny with blood.

Linkara licked away the excess blood. His hands clenched where Spoony still held them immobile; his legs were going numb. Spoony's dark as night eyes bored into Linkara's, and his face softened and turned almost tender. For a moment, he almost looked like Spoony, and Linkara might have been able to fool himself into believing this was all a nightmare, if Spoony's skin wasn't ice cold where it pressed against Linkara's, and if those damn eyes weren't black and emotionless and the complete opposite of his friend's.

“Don't worry,” the Black Lantern crooned. He licked Linkara's bottom lip, causing a shiver of arousal to warm Linkara's body against his will; “I'll make your death quick.” Spoony kissed Linkara again. “I just want your blood and your....FLESH.”

Sharp teeth dug into Linkara's skin. He was at the Black Lantern's mercy, and Linkara welcomed death.
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