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I'm so new in the TGWTG fandom it's embarrassing. This is my first contribution, written for the prompt on TGWTG_Kinkmeme and the prompt: I would very much like some sappy hurt/comfort fic with either Linkara/Spoony, Linkara/Insano, or Cinema Snob/Film Brain, with one of them comforting the other after a bad day.

: Bad Day
Pairing: Spoony/Linkara
Rating: PG
Word Count: Exactly 692
Disclaimer: This is not true, and is in fact a work of fanfiction. I mean no disrespect to either Linkara or Spoony.
Warnings: None other than rot your teeth smoop

Linkara had been having the crappiest week imaginable. Not only was Linksano dogging his every step, which was a constant annoyance he didn't need, but now Lord Vyce was after him. To top off the absolutely crummy week the comic reviewer was having, he'd woken this morning with a constant dull throbbing behind his eyes, and he hadn't heard from Spoony in almost three days.

It was shaping up to be another terrible day.


Lunch was as unsatisfying as breakfast had been; the food tasted like cardboard and looked unappetizing to boot. After forcing himself to eat four spoonfuls of oatmeal, Linkara gave up with a frustrated sigh and threw out the rest. His stomach lurched alarmingly when Linkara thought about fixing himself a sandwich.

Forty minutes later and Linkara was frustrated. His review wasn't working out at all. His rant about more Liefeld inspired drawings just wasn't flowing like it should. He also kept botching the jokes he'd written for the video. To make matters worse, the headache was increasing in volume, and the nausea he'd felt at breakfast and lunch was amping up its intensity.

The doorbell rang and Linkara turned off the camera with a frustrated sigh. He hoped it wasn't 90's Kid standing on his doorstep, wanting a place to crash. He thought he'd finally gotten rid of his EXTREME houseguest.

Linkara was shocked when, upon opening the door, he saw Spoony. The reviewer grinned from ear to ear and practically launched himself into Linkara's arms. His cry of “Surprise, BITCH!” had Linkara covering his ear in pain, but the pain was soon forgotten in favor of wrapping his arms around his boyfriend.

“What are you doing here?” Linkara asked, following his boyfriend into the living room. Spoony grinned and plastered himself as close to Linkara as possible and twined their fingers together.

“I heard you were having a shitty week and I figured I'd take some time off and visit you for a couple of days.” Linkara flushed and looked at their tangled fingers, Spoony's pinky sending shocks of warmth through his blood each time it caressed Linkara's skin. He wanted to sink into Spoony's arms and never leave. He wanted to kiss Spoony and never come up for air. This neediness was so unlike Linkara, and yet, he couldn't seem to help himself. He'd had a god-awful week, and he wanted the comfort his boyfriend gave him, damnit.

“I'm glad I did, too,” Spoony said, and his voice darkened with his displeasure. “You look like crap, Linkara. You have bags under your eyes, your clothes look loose, and I'm guessing that's because you're not eating, and you look like you're about to jump out of your skin.”

Linkara's blush deepened and his eyes danced away from Spoony's. He suddenly felt defensive, and he wanted to lash out at his boyfriend, needed to push Spoony away, when only a second ago he'd been thrilled to see the reviewer.

Spoony knew Linkara better than Linkara knew himself, and the older man saw the signs of one of Linkara's freak outs and headed it off. He wrapped his free arm around Linkara and drew the younger man closer.

He looked deep into Linkara's eyes. “It's all right, Linkara. I'm here now. I'm going to take care of you.” Spoony grinned wickedly. “But first I need to greet you properly....” Spoony pressed his lips against Linkara's and pushed the younger man onto the couch, Spoony's body blanketing Linkara's. Linkara melted into the kiss.

Spoony broke the kiss reluctantly and settled back against the couch, Linkara still in his arms. Linkara settled against Spoony's chest and finally, finally relaxed. His cheek rested over Spoony's heart, and the steady beat was soothing; that, combined with the hand rubbing circles on his back, had Linkara boneless and pliant against his boyfriend.

Spoony brushed a kiss on his forehead. “Go to sleep now, Linkara. I won't let anything happen to you. I'll still be here when you wake up.” In no time at all, Linkara was asleep, Spoony's arms a protective cocoon around his body.
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